Due to COVID-19, please expect delays in production. Once tracking is available for shipping & it has left the building, we are no longer responsible for your purchased merchandise.

Monthly Subscription Shirt

Monthly Subscription Shirt

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Crazy discounted FREAKING FABULOUS shirts shipped to your door every month! We're talking 1/2 price ladies. Designers choice, a surprise each month! 

Terms & Conditions: Billed on the first of every month, shirts ship the following month. No returns, exchanges, or refunds. 3 month commitment to subscription. To cancel you must do so between the 1st-15th of the month. Email thunderbirdbrandsubscriptions@gmail.com to cancel. This will be the RODEO CUT of TBB shirts. 

Subscription prices are subject to increase but you will lock in YOUR price TODAY! Subscription prices will be increasing in increments over the coming months as this takes off. Purchase TODAY so you can avoid the increased subscription price! If you cancel your subscription your locked price will be lost. 

You will be billed the day you purchase your subscription for your first shirt & then begin to be billed the 1st of the following month. Your first shirt is subject to be delayed depending on when in the calendar month you purchase your initial subscription. FOR EXAMPLE: If you order ANYTIME in January- you will still be charged February 1st. You WILL receive a shirt for each month you are charged (January AND February). First sign up charge is not a membership fee it will give you a SHIRT! Give us that first month as a grace period & then your shirts will be more timely!) So, for example, you are charged on March 1st. Your shirt will ship the following month (April)! So in this example, your shirt will ship from April, and then you will be charged again on April 1st, with this shipping in May, and continued that way as long as you have your membership. 

DUE TO HIGH VOLUME & DEMAND- NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR SUBSCRIPTION SHIRTS. Once tracking is available for shipping & it has left the building, we are no longer responsible for your purchased merchandise.


Once you become a member, you can join our ⚡️MEMBERS ONLY⚡️ Facebook page, to choose your shirt for the following month(s)! Join here! If you do not join this facebook group and make your monthly choice, you will get a designer's choice shirt. Designer's choice shirts cannot be exchanged for a different shirt from that month. Choices close the 20th of each month so we can start getting your shirt ready! For example; for the August charge, you can choose your shirt design until August 20th. After the 20th, if you have not decided, you will be getting designer's choice.