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Monthly Subscription Shirt- Youth Thunderbird Kids

Monthly Subscription Shirt- Youth Thunderbird Kids

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IN THE DROP DOWN MENU-- YOU CAN CHOOSE A "UNIQUE" SHIRT OR A SHIRT TO MATCH AN ADULT SUBSCRIPTION! If you choose to match- PLEASE make sure to leave a NOTE on WHO you want it to match! First & last name PLEASE!

**Please note: These youth sizes in the membership will not ship until the end of April if you buy in March . You will receive March & April's shirts together. (Similar to how our Adult January & February shipped together)

This applies to each of the coming months as well 

Crazy discounted FREAKING FABULOUS shirts shipped to your door every month! We're talking 1/2 price ladies. Designers choice, a surprise each month! (Until we hit 500 members and then we will offer choices!)

Terms & Conditions: Billed on the first of every month, 30 day turn around for the product. No returns, exchanges, or refunds. 3 month commitment to subscription. To cancel you must do so between the 1st-15th of the month. Email thunderbirdbrandsubscriptions@gmail.com to cancel. This will be the RODEO CUT of TBB shirts. 

Subscription prices are subject to increase but you will lock in YOUR price TODAY! Purchase TODAY so you can avoid the increased subscription price! If you cancel your subscription your locked price will be lost. 

You will be billed the day you purchase your subscription for your first shirt & then begin to be billed the 1st of the following month. Your first shirt is subject to be delayed depending on when in the calendar month you purchase your initial subscription. FOR EXAMPLE: If you order ANYTIME in January- you will still be charged February 1st. You WILL receive a shirt for each month you are charged (January AND February). First sign up charge is not a membership fee it will give you a SHIRT! Give us that first month as a grace period & then your shirts will be more timely!)